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I like money

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I think this is some forest and shit




Fully Remote Education is the Ultimate School Choice


Can life get better?


How does a world without boomers look like?



Income tax
Sales tax
Land tax
Green tax
Social security

?? Why are people not revolting??



Whatever man, Elizabeth Holmes is GUILTY as shit!

Sentence her ass to one night of Rehabilitation!


Demonetize the Rich!

₿₿ Use Bitcoin! ₿₿


Remote work is enabling thematic communities to form. Tech #cities, gay cities, art cities, people can finally re-segregate. Culture grows in bubbles.


Freedom feels good! Thanks @altwits


If you have a penis, use it to meditate while masturbating. Learn to edge without cumming. Educate yourself like a proper man


I like like like this green shit


I went to russia so you dont have to


I like France. But i also like money


This store of St. God was very nice


I was in Mars this week, looks nothing like the chocolate


There was a short time when 'geek chic' was close to becoming a thing. Then came the social media and we are back to psychopathic but extroverted people taking the lead.


Almost all jobs will be remote by 2035. Even farming, even medicine, they will largely be remotely-operated or controlled

Things we thought impossible:
- A pandemic
- A worldwide lockdown , shutdown, borders closed
- Trillions of money printing
- A war of conquest in europe
- Inflation

Like when a Pandora's box is opened, anything is possible. Including nuclear weapons

Love altwits! All other social media is toast now, we 're back to where we began, mass media companies owned by billionaires


Love finding a full fledged demo javascript app in Github, making minor modifications and launching it fo much fanfare. Thanks, person whose grind is fueling my narcissism!

Do you remember when Reddit rallied you for net neutrality, whatever other end-of-the-world cause? Yes you do, but choose to ignore how your rage was for nothing. You like being manipulated because it makes you feel good

One day people will frown upon social manipulation media as much as they frown upon cigarettes today. Won't be long in fact.

Just dont invest all your social capital on stupid causes that will be buried in history
Make the Web Simple Again

Right now to a minimum viable website needs: A Host,
A letsencrypt Cert (and cronjob setup),
Mail /DKIM/SPF setup,
A Google recaptcha,
Google search console to make sure its indexed

and probably myriad other things that you discover en route.

Web was supposed to be simple!

Make all schools remote!

It's 2021 why is school still a thing? I want to take my 33 kids and become nomads with my family. Get those teachers to learn to use Zoom damnit!

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