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What will be the value of Bitcoin at the end of 2021?

  • Under $50000
  • Under $60000
  • Under $70000
  • Under $80000
  • Under $90000
  • Above $90000
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Giving some ninja-fu advice here
This can be the beginning to somethign incredible

So i ve been reading various posts and comments regarding remote work vs office work to try to understand how the two diverge and what people are missing. My understanding is that WFH is missing some elements that were taken for granted and are useful for productivity. 

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So let's try replying here and see how it goes hmm hmmm. 


Current tax systems are made for the 19th century.

The whole system of compensating governments for their work is broken today.

Governments that spend trillions to educate people who end up becoming immigrants in other countries, are impoverishing themselves in the process.



Learn how to easily make COVID-19 friendly, touchless menus for your restaurant


This is a  toy. A lego toy. It s designed to be safe, to use, big enough to not have fear of swallowing, light enough to not be dangerous, plastic so it can't cause poisoning, does not conduct electricity. 

It's not a good component for building a house though.


Progress seems to be picking up, for the wrong reasons, but still. Time for some futurology

A rant about how the online world was duped to fall into the centralization trap


Central Pattern Generators are neural networks (of the meat-kind) that generate our rhythmic movements like walking. Conceptually they are a kind of automaton that generates movement pattern without much input, or even without input. (Cue deafferented cat experiments)

GPT3 is a language Cen...

Twitter seems to be elevating itself to the arbiter of public opinion but they are not there yet.


There is a love relationship between SV and EU. Both seem to be openly pro-socialist, in favor of regulation, leftist, and take pride in their progressiveness

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