How to Create QR Codes for your Restaurant

Learn how to convert your menus to touch-less, electronic catalogs

Having a restaurant in times of COVID can be difficult. The pandemic has caused widespread disruptions and lockdowns, and people are  hesitant to dine in public closed spaces. 

Restaurants around the world are inventing new ways to keep distances between customers and improve hygiene. 

One of the most obvious ways to improve the safety of customers is to avoid giving out restaurant menus and catalogs to customers. Instead, thousands of businesses are choosing to use techonology.

QR-codes have come to replace the menus. The business owners print out QR codes, and visitors can browse the catalogs by scanning those QR codes with their phones. : The simplest way to create a qr-code menu for your business

Here is how to create your own:

  • Visit and sign up - you only need to specify a username and password
  • Select "Add your business" from the frontpage, and fill out the form with the basics (Name, address) of your restaurant 
  • Take a photo of your Menus (or use ready-to-print images of your menus if you have them)
  • Add the logo image of your business (optional)
  • Click Save

You instantly get a nice-looking page with your restaurant's menu. 

To print out QR codes, click "Print QR codes" and you ll be prompted to print a page with 15 QR codes . You can cut those individual codes and stick them to your tables