The tragedy of science miscommunication during the Sars-cov-2 pandemic of 2020

During 2020 , people of planet earth caught a new version of virus that was very infectious. 

As a response to the viral threats, scientists started cancelling each other on Twitter. The majority of scientists declared their majority opinion is to be declared scientific orthodoxy and anyone who violates the dogma would be receiving the equivalent of medieval pyre burning

It's easy to see in hindsight how the Commons failed in that case. Scientific communication requires debate, much like a Court of law requires deliberation, where qualified people are willing to hear both sides of the story, despite their lies and hyperbole. During the pandemic the dominant  mass media were non-hiearchical, which means that when scientists wanted to talk to other scientists, they had to talk to everyone in the world. Conversely, when a group of scientists wanted to moderate opinion, they had to cut off both access to public and scientists (elites). This led to the Great Communication Breakdown  of 2023, when media of communication stopped functioning. Without coordinating mechanisms, the governments were rendered meaningless and inconsequential, and democracy became obsolete virtually overnight. The fall of the post-WW2 order that followed was largely peaceful, since the modern communication media allowed people to re-organize as network-states   without requiring physical movement, territorial disputes and ethnic and national cleansing.